Sunday 19th May 2024

I'm still sending out orders as fast as I can, but PLEASE don't phone me during the day as that is when I'm in my workshop & stockrooms, and cannot answer phone calls during that time - as my offices are not located in the same building as my workshop (which is a secure unit, and it's in my workshop that I complete and make up orders.  there is no paperwork or details of customer orders kept in there    ORDER ONLINE 24HOURS A DAY or 'phone me to order between 7.30pm and 9.30pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and if I cannot answer you when you call, I'll call back as soon as I can. Calling me during daytime just delays everybody's orders - not just yours!

We are a company who only sell our own authentically reproduced (over 23,500) Etched Metal Nameplates and Waterslide Transfers for 2, 4, & 7mm Scale Trains, Buses and Aircraft.                                                                                                               

IF NOT IN STOCK, there may be delays of up to six weeks in delivery;  we'll advise as soon as we can after you order and discuss how you want to proceed.  

* Currenty down to just over five weeks, but less 'phone calls will bring it down even more   Nobody is being forgotten and all orders are being attended to as quickly as humanly possible. 


Please note:

We no longer accept NatWest Bankwire AS A MEANS OF PAYMENT.

Instead, as a temporary measure, please send a crossed cheque made out to 'E. GRINDLAY' for the value of your Order (plus £3.75 p&p) to:

E Grindlay   


60 Dalblair Road

AYR,    KA7 1UQ



I'm working on the production of the long overdue Resin Bodied Scottish Locomotive Kits  during 2024, with D30s, D34s & N15s being first.

Unexpected production problems arose, which are now being dealt with.  I'll update you all as soon as I can, but there will be NO price increases on these items - this is not your fault, and progress will be updated as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Jim Grindlay

MODELMASTER  was founded by me, Jim Grindlay, in May 1975, while working as a management trainee for BRITISH RAILWAYS in a new fangled computer office in the outskirts of Glasgow.

There were three of us on three eight hour shifts, stuck in a draughty office in a railway goods yard in Rutherglen, Glasow, using Ventek Punch Card Printers and Readers making up, and receiving, Freight Train Consists for the whole South Glasgow Area.  The machines spat out punch cards which we converted to paper consists - at least, when the engineers and programmers wern't out repairing the machines for what becames the well known TOPS system - Total Operation Processing System - a World Poineer in computer technology (when it didn't work sometimes, we called it BOTTOMS - 'Back over to the old manual systems!')

It was exciting being involved in this technology, especially as I had a passion for design, which I studied both at Allan Glen's High School in Glasgow and at Glasgow Art School.

So what's this to do with Modelmaster?


The Night Shifts lasted nine hours every night with either two or three staff on duty - and only ONE TRAIN all night!  What could I do to fill in the hours.   I couldn't sleep, becuase when you're on constatnt rotating shifts it's bad for your metabolism, but more important, it was a serious offence in a manned railway post and no matter what your job, was a sacking offence.

We read, played cards, ate, and I started drawing Transfer designs and resarching wagon files, and forty four yeras ago, brought out my first Modelmaster Wagon Transfer Sheet, 4601, which up to date has sold over fifteen thousand sheets worldwide.

That's how it started, but unfortunately it almost  all ended when I was hospitalised for a time early last year and had a break in later in the year, but thanks to the patience of most of my customer, I'm well on track to getting back to full new and replacement production in the near future. - However, after 46 years, if somebody else would like a portfolio of over 23,000 etched nameplates and tens of thousands of Railway & Bus Transfers, plus a good customer base, then talk to me! 

Best regards,

Jim Grindlay

0777 585 0272

I'm still sending out orders as fast as I can, but PLEASE don't phone me between 9am and 7pm as that is when I make up orders, and cannot answer phone calls during that time - NO EXCEPTIONS!   Phone me to order between 8pm and 10pm and I'll explain any delays then, but during daytime it just delays everybody else's orders - not just yours!

Also, please note that MODELMASTER.UK is a BESPOKE company which only sell our own authentically reproduced (over TWENTY THREE THOUSAND!) Scale Miniature Etched Metal Nameplates and Waterslide Transfers for 2,4,&7mm Scale Trains, Buses and Aircraft.  This MAY involve delays* of up to six weeks in delivery if we're out of stock so please order in plenty of time if you can.  We have advised South Ayrshire Trading Standards (Tel. 01292 61600) of these lead times for Etching & Printing out of stock items.  f 4mm Scale WATERSLIDE TRANSFERS FOR 4MM SCALE ARE NOW COMING IN