For some months now, we've been in negotiations with a large and well respected Wholesaler & Manufacturer in the Model World, about them acquiring and possibly even expanding MODELMASTER JACKSON EVANS Waterslide Decal Ranges.

The negotiations are at an advanced stage, and if a deal IS completed soon, we would no longer be supplying them direct to the public, but a lot more shops and eBay sellers would be, offering a faster service, and leaving me free to develop new ideas and designs, in addition to the existing range of products.

Currently, please allow up to 28 days for delivery, as we are very, very, busy.

All of our 18,700 different decals & Etched Nameplates that we sell are designed by us, and made exclusively for us by two of the best British Etchers and Printers in the country.  Our Etchers have Royal Warrants, and our Printers have made Transfers for most British Railway Companies since the 19th Century, so a lot of experience goes into your nameplates and transfers - you can SEE the difference!

I'm now putting a new range of Scottish Locomotive Kits into production, and the first will be availble soon.  High Quality Resin Bodied Model Kits with brass fittings of ex-N.B.R. N15s, Y9s, D30s, D34s, J37s & C15s

Finally, Elspeth and I have supplied 17.000 orders during the past four and a half years, so we must be doing something right!

Thank You to all our customers, some of whom I've known now for over forty years!



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