SUNDAY 3rd JULY 2022

Until Midnight on MONDAY, there is 20% off Etched Locomotive Name & Numberplates in 4mm Scale.

The up to 50% off SALE of Railway & Bus Decals finishes TONIGHT 3rd July at Midnight.  This is your LAST CHANCE to biy Bus Decals at a discounted price, as they are being taken off Modelmaster's Catalogue permanently at the end of August 2022 , and no more discounts will be offered.  PERUSE IT & USE IT - OR FOREVER LOSE IT!

HOW TO CONTACT US........Delivery times for  orders is planned to be between 5 & 10 working days

Our Telephone Number is 01292 289770  Please phone any weekday between 13.30 and 15.00 - at other times we'll be involved in manufacturing and may not be able to stop to answer 'phone.

Please don't EMAIL inquiries about orders - TELEPHONE ONLY!  We can get up to 50 emails A DAY, which are impossible to both read and answer, and still have time to post out orders!

Our NEW WEBSITE is now under construction!

Our REBUILT and easier to use website is now under construction, and will feature more Etched Nameplates & Accessories section, which covers 2, 4 & 7mm Nameplates & Fittings.

The Waterslide Decals section will consist of a much reduced range of 4mm scale Railway Items ONLY - No Buses or London Transport items.

We'll also be selling New & Secondhand Railway & Bus Models and Books, concentrating on value priced kitbuilt and repainted models.

Modelmaster Etched Nameplates

All MODELMASTER JACKSON EVANS Etched Nameplates & Accessories are inspected and HAND FINISHED before they are sent to you, so you can rely on a top quality product at a fair price every time.