17th FEBRUARY 2024

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS  (This affects all my customers, so  PLEASE READ THEM NOW!!

FIRSTLY lots of replacement stock of etched authentic 4mm scale nameplates AND B.R. locomotive lining decals coming,

A LARGE CONSIGNMENT OF 4mm scale Etched Brass & Stainless Steel Nameplates is on its way to me to replace a missing order from early last year, which has caused serious delays in getting orders out, and we now hope to replace late orders as quickly as we possibly can, as well as continuing to supply new orders.

SECONDLY how to get a refund quickly and easily,

If you get frustrated at a sometimes unavoidable delay in us sending out an pre-paid order and want a refund, DON'T ask the ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, but ask me for one directly at Jim@Modelmaster.UK  - it's a lot faster from me, (2-3 days), whereas if you ask the Bank, it can take as long as ten days, because the Bank writes to me to find out WHY you want a refund  - then I have to send it to you myself in any case!

FINALLY I'm installing a new, semi automated admin system,

This will speed up the admin and delivery of our orders considerably - so we've ('we' is my long suffering wife and business partner Elspeth, a very knowledgeable and 'canny' lady who keeps my feet on the ground) can deliver a better, faster service to our growing number of customers all over the World. 

************************************************* PAY WHEN YOU ORDER, DIRECTLY FROM YOUR BANK DEBIT CARD TO : (type out exactly when prompted by your Bank Debit Card)

 NATWEST  11172010   60-04-30  JAT GRINDLAY

- IT'S AS SIMPLE AND FAST AS THAT- and your personal details are totally protected from interception..


You can also pay by Personal or Company Cheque, made payable to J. Grindlay, and sent to address below:


60 Dalblair Road



I'm working on the production of the long overdue Resin Bodied Scottish Locomotive Kits  during the first half of 2024.  Unexpected production problems arose, which are now being dealt with.  I'll update you all as soon as I can, but there will be NO price increases - this is not your fault, and will be updated soon

Kind regards,

Jim Grindlay


Jim Grindlay


60 Dalblair Road,

AYR    KA7 1UQ