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Delivery Times - Please Read BEFORE Ordering

At MODELMASTER JACKSON EVANS, quality always comes first.

ALL Etched Nameplates sold are checked and polished individually, and transfers are likewise checked for accurate registration before posting.

Please allow between Three and Ten Working Days for delivery. We DO aim to send out orders very quickly, but posting your order to you as quickly as we can depends on how busy we are.

This IS a small business with over 16,000 different items, and only two of us to run it, so PLEASE don't phone to 'chase up an order' until ten days have elapsed.  It won't be lost in the Post (the usual excuse for phoning!), or forgotten about. Incidentally, employing another person to help make up orders would put the prices up by thirty to forty per cent.  That shows how tight our margins are!  On the PLUS side, out of over 4,000 orders posted last year, only three customers were dissatisfied with what they received, and were refunded in full.

RED & BLUE Steam Loco nameplates are hand painted to order.  Please allow up to Ten Days for delivery of these!

Modelmaster Jackson Evans - About Us

We've been in the Model Industry for almost fifty years and manufacture transfers & decals for Model Railways, Aircraft, Boats, Buses & Coaches.

Our Transfer & Decal Printers are Royal Warrant Holders, with a history of producing top quality Silk Screen graphics systems for the Main Line Railway Companies (including the 'Big Four', 'Pullman' and British Railways) since the late Nineteenth Century.  And now, for the last forty odd years, they've been doing it for us!

We also manufacture the largest range of etched brass, nickel silver and stainless steel nameplates for British Outline model locomotives to be found, and in addition design and manufacture commissioned bespoke nameplates in all scales from 2mm to 5" Gauge

ALL of our 16,000 plus individual products are designed by us In House, and manufactured exclusively for us in the United Kingdom by ISO 9002 Companies, using only top quality materials, and everything we make is made in the U.K.

We're not producing any more bus decals 

We're not producing, or replaceing, any more Bus & Road Transport Decals. The existing range will continue to be sold online until sold out, or until we find a buyer for the artworks and stock. This does NOT apply to London Transport Decals at present, which will still be available.

Delay with 4mm Mixed Traffic Lining & B.R. Loco Crests

There's a delay sending out the following decals, originally due at the end of March or early to mid April.  They're now expected late May.

4mm Scale : G402, G402A, G402L, G402M, G402S, 4082, 4082D, 4082MT, MM4637, P992, P993.  6/5/19 - P992 & P993 in this week!

7mm Scale : MM7042.

2mm Scale : 2M210, 2M211.  6/5/19 - 2M210 & 2M211 in this week!

Demand for the 4082 range and the G402 range far exceeded our original print order, which we doubled in order to fulfil prepaid orders.  This unfortunately meant that we've had to wait for more of the special peelable varnish coat that we use, and this knocked us back in the Printer's production schedule.

Please PHONE rather than email!

We welcome your comments and suggestions, but please phone us at 01292 289770 (weekdays, 10.00 - 16.30) rather than email us, as a telephone call will give you the fastest answer to your questions.

If you DO email us, bear in mind that we can get up to 150 emails a day, many of which are filtered out by our 'spam' settings, and it may take up to 72 hours to reply, so please leave a telephone number (or better still, just 'phone us instead) for us to contact you.  Please note, our ONLY email address is

7mm Scale Nameplates


Our new 7mm Scale Nameplates for GWR Pannier Tanks, 'Castles', 'Britannia', 'A4', 'Duchess' and various Diesel & Electric classes will be available around April - July 2019.

For Trade Orders,  Contact EXPO DRILLS & TOOLS

If you are a bona fide Retailer, ALL Trade Orders for our products are handled by EXPO DRILLS & TOOLS, Unit 6, The Salterns, Tenby, SA70 7NJ ( Telephone 01834 845150

Check out Expo's website at  to see the vast range of models, modelling materials, paints and tools that they sell. 


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