• 4mm 45110-45158 'Black Five' 4-6-0

    4mm 45110-45158 'Black Five' 4-6-0

  • Glasgow Corporation Trolleybus & Bus Destinations

    Glasgow Corporation Trolleybus & Bus Destinations

2mm Scale (N Gauge) Nameplates & Decals

We're producing our own NEWLY DESIGNED range of MODELMASTER PROFESSIONAL 2mm SCALE Nameplates & Transfers, with D800 super detailed 'Warships', ex L.M.S. 'Princess Coronations' and Gresley's L.N.E.R. 'A4's all available to buy now.  Also available is our newly designed 2mm Scale B.R. Express Passenger Lining at only £7.50 a set.

DELIVERY TIMES (Updated 11th July 2018)

Delivery of your purchases is currently down to between Two and Five Working Days (not including weekends), though it may take up to twice as long to send out 'special offer' items or if an item is temporarily out of stock. All items are hand checked before sending, and Red, Blue or other Non Black Nameplates are hand painted to order, which can take up to Seven Working Days.  

Please don't inquire about non delivery of your order until Ten Working Days have passed.

Modelmaster Jackson Evans - About Us

We've been in the Model Industry for almost fifty years and manufacture transfers & decals for Model Railways, Aircraft, Boats, Buses & Coaches.

Our Transfer & Decal Printers are Royal Warrant Holders, with a history of producing top quality Silk Screen graphics systems for the Main Line Railway Companies (including the 'Big Four', 'Pullman' and British Railways) since the late Nineteenth Century.  And now, for the last forty odd years, they've been doing it for us!

We also manufacture the largest range of etched brass, nickel silver and stainless steel nameplates for British Outline model locomotives to be found, and in addition design and manufacture commissioned bespoke nameplates in all scales from 2mm to 5" Gauge

ALL of our 20,000 plus individual products are designed by us In House, and manufactured exclusively for us in the United Kingdom by ISO 9002 Companies, using only top quality materials. 

How we make our Great Western Railway Name & Number Plates

Believe it or not, we DON'T use computer generated, or readily available fonts! 

The unique G.W.R. letters and numbers were originally drawn in the early 1980s eight times full size by Ralph Jackson, cut out and pasted onto huge pieces if card, then photo reduced by his etchers in Birmingham to produce the most authentic looking G.W.R. Name and Number Plates ever produced.  Five years ago Brian Wilson, a talented printer redrew the numbers and letters for me to suit more modern methods of etching, and it is those that I now use to generate new designs.

BUT - they're still not a font!  Every nameplate or numberplate has to have each letter or number applied individually, positioned and coaxed into the proper angle, so that each name produced is properly positioned and curved round the backing plate to produce an authentic master tool to produce the finished products.  They look authentic because they ARE authentic - I hope you agree it's worth the effort!

Modelmaster UK - New fast track email address.

PLEASE USE THE PHONE, 01292 289770, or if you do email, don't send to sales@modelmaster.uk  but to jim@modelmaster.uk  and leave a telephone number so that we can contact you more quickly.

PLEASE DON'T email about 'missing' orders until TEN WORKING DAYS after ordering, but wherever possible please phone.

Modelmaster UK - Website Illustrations

Because of the large numbers of products we stock, not all items are illustrated yet, and there are still lots more to be done. If you are looking for an item that isn't illustrated, or have any questions, 'phone 01292 289 770.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, but please only email us as a last resort to jim@modelmaster.uk  as a telephone call will give you the fastest answer to your questions.  If you do email us, please leave us a telephone number for us to contact you at.

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