• 4mm 45110-45158 'Black Five' 4-6-0

    4mm 45110-45158 'Black Five' 4-6-0

  • Glasgow Corporation Trolleybus & Bus Destinations

    Glasgow Corporation Trolleybus & Bus Destinations

Modelmaster UK - Current Delivery Times

Currently Delivery of your purchases is between Two and Seven Working Days (not including weekends). All items are hand checked before sending, and Red, Blue or Non Black Nameplates are hand painted to order, which takes up to Seven Working Days.  Please don't enquire about non delivery of your order until Seven Working Days have passed.  We sell a lot of different items, which we check and pack with care.     

Thank you for visiting.  If you join our Mailing List (see link below), we'll keep you up to date with new products, information, and even the occasional special offer!

Modelmaster UK - Website Illustrations

  Because of the large numbers of products we stock, not all items are illustrated yet, and there are still more items to be listed. If you are looking for an item that isn't listed, or have any questions, 'phone 01292 289 770.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, but please only email us as a last resort, as a telephone call will give you the fastest answer to your questions.  If you do email us, please allow up to seven days for a reply, and leave us a telephone number for us to contact you at.

All Nameplates & Decals are sold in pairs!

Sometimes we're asked if our Nameplates are sold individually or in pairs. We don't sell individual Nameplates - all are sold in identical matching pairs.

The same applies to Decals & Transfers which are used to re-number or re-letter locos, wagons, coaching stock, buses, aircraft, which have the same numbers and text on each side.

Modelmaster UK - About Us

We've been in the Model Industry for OVER forty years and specialise in manufacturing transfers & decals for Model Railways, Aircraft, Buses & Coaches.

We also manufacture the largest range of etched brass, nickel silver and stainless steel nameplates for British Outline model locomotives to be found, and in addition design and manufacture commissioned bespoke nameplates in all scales from 2mm to 5" Gauge

ALL of our 20,000 plus individual products are designed by us In House, and manufactured exclusively for us in the United Kingdom by ISO 9002 Companies, using only the best of materials.

Please dont email us - phone us!

PLEASE, PLEASE PHONE US (01292 289770) RATHER THAN EMAIL!  We're a small (20,000 products) but very busy company, and emails slash our ability to turn around orders quickly, as each email one takes about 20-30 minutes to reply to, and then inevitably we get ANOTHER eamail from the same person with another comment or question!