Most of our Railway Decals are ready made into number sets for locomotives, coaches & wagons. There is nothing worse than having to make up number sets (especially for wagons), but we have done it for you, and with steam locos we have also put power codes (where fitted) above the number.

In 1999 we purchased the designs which were previously marketed in the LINESIDE LOOK range, and these are now available from us. This is welcome news to Modern Image & Road Vehicle Modellers, as they are the most comprehensive and accurate range of Hazardous Traffic markings for road and rail tanks ever produced, and are correctly portrayed both in scale and colour.

An important development during 1999 was obtaining a licence to reproduce LONDON TRANSPORT Bus & Railway vehicle lettering, posters, signs, station & street furniture.  We have now held a licence with them for almost twelve years

Early in 2001 we acquired the well known & long established KEMCO range of Waterslide Decals, which will be maintained using the KEMCO name, and will be expanded in the not too distant future.

We also acquired the Jackson Evans range of Nameplates, which runs to nearly 7,500 items. This allows us to offer an unparalleled range of Decals & Nameplates for the 4mm Scale Modeller.

We are constantly seeking to improve and expand all of our ranges and to offer the best quality, value and fidelity to detail possible. In early 2011 we renewed and expanded the range of GWR/BR etched brass number plates from 1,200 to over 5,000.  these were all redrawn by traditional methods without using computer generated fonts; this was done to achieve the ultimate fidelity to the sometimes 'quirky' spacings seen on the prototypes.

We welcome your suggestions; please 'phone 07775 850 272 during business hours.